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Phoenix Inc. provides complete commercial‐scale extraction services to the industrial hemp community at our full‐service extraction facility.

With our strategic partners in North Carolina and Colorado we employ cutting‐edge botanical technology, proven methodology, and in‐house capabilities for internal process control, all under the professionally trained staff to include chemists and technologists. We strive for our ability to deliver comprehensive contract manufacturing solutions to domestic farmers, as well as provide domestic and international pharmaceutical firms with safe, compliant hemp‐sourced compounds. In addition, we offer general, specific, and customized laboratory assistance and services from startup and pilot programs to large research and development (R&D) operations that can be scaled up to complex, full spectrum processing that can handle multiple farms.

Our facilities are state of the art production facility conforms to all U.S. Manufacturing practice guidelines for pharmaceutical manufacturers, and is compliant with widely‐adopted international standards for workplace and facility safety and quality control. Conformity with these safety and quality assurance standards ensures Phoenix Inc. can engage in lasting relationships with farmers as well as domestic and international firms, while consistently meeting or exceeding their needs in a safe and timely fashion.

Offering a full suite of services, ranging from full‐spectrum oil to smokeable flower, Phoenix Inc. will continue to build on its ability to produce any hemp‐sourced products requested by our customers. In addition, the scale of our operations places Phoenix Inc. and the Texas Hemp Cooperative as a powerhouse in Texas in the advantageous position of being able to process more biomass into finished full‐spectrum oil than any other facility in Texas. All of this establishes Phoenix Inc. as the best outlet for the American farmer’s hemp crop, regardless of their location. We come to you to make “Green to Gold” and we don’t teach you by the books we show you by the boots!

Our team also can customize your extraction services agreements to include cost‐specific farmer long term options and cost‐saving bundles of clones that incorporates buyers for your biomass. 


Here at the Phoenix, we strive to find solutions to deliver excellence with farmers and customers. The extraction system we are planning to use is based on two levels. The Ethanol extraction method would be primarily for CBD potency that would be 9% and lower. This allows for large capacity for conventional fields that have tolerance with heavy metal or pesticides. This extraction is more on a large scale and based on non-consumable products. 

    The CO2 method of extraction is designed from the IES system to handle small high-quality volumes of cannabinoid at 10% or higher. This allows us to focus on organic fields and indoor grow operations for consumable products. Overall we like to keep our extraction process divided by extracting at different sites across Texas for better quality and more control. Our sites will be located in four different parts around Texas to accommodate farmers’ needs. Prices will be based upon current market value at that time. 

Phoenix Inc. will begin operations once contracts, NDA, LOI, NON-COMPETITION have been signed and that the farmers have all legal state documents approved with cultivation, handler and extraction permits.