Phoenix Inc. has reliable partners and competent advisors when it clones to cultivation. More than 5 years of experience in the hemp industry. Phoenix Inc. is available to assist and mentor as an experienced partner in the hemp industry in all matters relating to starting a business, product range expansion, product placement, market research, and customer analysis.

We help you develop your strategic objectives all the way to successful and sustainable implementation, regardless if you are new to the hemp community or just want to enhance your existing product range.
Phoenix Inc. is able to have an amazing support channel that offers assistance in

  • Permit application of cultivating, handler and processing.
  • We also have highly qualified hemp lawyer that will be available to assist and represent you in legal matters within the hemp industry.
  • Security operations of installation of CCTV, manning and roving patrols and training.
  • Irrigation maintenance and operation along with on-call services and troubleshooting at a competitive rate.
  • Cultivation equipment that can match the neighbor’s rate along with the assistance of on-call services.
  • Insurance crop for the farmers to protect their investment.