Phoenix Inc. is a sophisticated and highly motivated can do attitude company. We are a company that is consistent with standards through the US Agricultural department.

Phoenix Inc. is a veteran own and veteran run operation based in Texas. We are veterans that have been around the world seeing amazing countries and people. Though our military lives has changed us in the way we do things as a person we see a bigger focus in life, to keep protecting our Americans and the way we live our lives. We know that we did our mission but our mission doesn’t stop with you. Retired Army and contracting 8 years and with my partners that have served in the army and marines we feel that we are on a higher mission to be able to help others in need. You supported us in protecting you from harm, why not let us help you in your future endeavors.

Phoenix Inc. is a sophisticated and highly motivated can do attitude company. We are a hemp company that is consistent with standards through the US Agricultural department. Established in 2019, just recently with he 2018 Farm Bill being approved to grow Industrial hemp we knew where the market was heading and that our services will be in full swing. The mission is simple, to provide adequate research and development to study the plant and its natural products. Our goal is to be that go‐to company that needs our services of quality and efficient manufacturing for farmers within the United States and South America with continuous growth and opportunities. We are dedicated in our mission and what we set out to do, we understand the industry and we strive for perfection.

We are developing a network of farmers who will grow specifically for our company and industry partners. We provide expert assistance to our farmers on everything from clone/seed selection to harvesting methods. We will also process our own hemp into usable products for others to enjoy and consume. The innovative Agriproduct team is comprised of passionate and professional farmers, strategist, and leadership that will continue to innovate the hemp industry. The ability to consolidate and implement our technology, derived from innovative research, experimentation and observation, provides for an ever‐evolving and improving model.

Producing high‐quality botanical products and services with high levels of control, cleanliness, and replication is paramount to our business. We manage all aspects, clone to sale from cultivating and clone breeding, to the processing technology used to harvest and produce finished bulk products from the fields. Our understanding and appreciation of nature leads to the success of everything that follows. The freedom to be mobile and on the go gives us the ability to deliver a vast array of services and materials for us in this industry, from food to medicinal. All of our processing equipment has been developed to suit our needs and be able to adapt to farmers surroundings as well as be in compliance through FDA. We have one setup facility ready to go. However we follow strict guidelines and protocol and do not deviate speed for quality and safety. Our processing has to be done in a manner consistent with food production standards as set forth by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the FDA. All of our equipment and mobile facility systems are custom‐designed and built to suit the demanding needs of this rapidly expanding market.

Our mobile facility is based upon cultivation that can be done on-site without any movement of the product and to accommodate 1‐1,000 acres on a commercial level. Our farmers and fields are populated by clone crops in American soil and greenhouses. Phoenix Inc. has a greenhouse that can produce enough clones to supply 1000 mother plants to produce 50 acres of clones every two weeks. We also offer transportation services of clones to specific sites. Phoenix Inc. has partnered with other farmers and companies to fulfill the demand that is the rise of the hemp industry and booming market.

Phoenix is the founder of the Texas Hemp Co-Op along with 13 other board members. Phoenix has seen where the industry is going to end up and the Texas Hemp coop (THC) is determined to fill that gap or missing information and help local Texas Farmers. We broke the THC into different regions and you can be able to find your region at the Texas Hemp Co-Op.